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Dry Doc

Observing the images below can only think of good things, like the pleasure of your vessel.


The wash, paint, maintain, repair and all other things that can give work to get us to do.
Rest assured that we will treat your boat as if it were our own.


Season: late summer - early fall

Late summer is the ideial to make parking your boat in our dry dock height.
We have possibilities for hauling and parking for boats up to 14 meters or 20 tons, for monohulls.
For muiticascos we still lack technical means.


A good washing of fresh water on the hull and a good engine cleaning your boat will prevent the accumulation of waste and oxidation both in hull and the engine.


A drying time prevents the onset of osmosis and / or aggravation of corrosion and the appearance of osmosis in living works.



Season: Winter

During the winter we can make the maintenance of your boat.

Paints, polishes, exchanges anodes among other ...

Review of fire extinguishers and ferries, and other verification of validity may be obligatorily treat for us leaving you will rest and the pleasure of the summer.



Season: Spring

Ideal for making the last preparations for the summer time.

Background painting, supply of fuel and provisions, mandatory surveys.

It is with great pleasure that we will make the final treatment for your boat to put the swim.

We may also take your boat to the port of your choice.

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